16-17 NOVEMBER 2024

Jewish tradition is drenched by beautiful melodies (nigunim) matching blessings, psalms, prayers, and songs. In particular, the Hasidic tradition infuses deep spirituality and intense energy within these melodies with the intention of creating a connection between two worlds: the physical and the spiritual.


Session holder

Valeria Conte is an Italian musician and researcher of Klezmer music and its relation with Jewish culture. Valeria leads the ”Klezmer” and ”Jewish Music & Song” courses at Paideia Folkhögskola and the ”Open-Air Klezmer Jam Sessions – Stockholm”. She performs in various multicultural projects in Europe and Israel and recently released two EPs of original compositions recorded with her band ”Valeria’s Klezmer Chariot”.

John Runefelt is a polyhedric multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer living in Stockholm. He is an active performer within several ensembles, touching various musical genres, from Blues and Jazz to Salsa and Klezmer. He will accompany the nigunim session on the accordion.

Stian Grimstad is a Norwegian musician with experience from many different traditions, main instruments are tuba and sitar. Has been performing in Valerias Conte’s klezmer chariot over the past years.


Photo: unknown (Conte), Leonid Cherniev (Runefelt & Grimstad)

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