16-17 NOVEMBER 2024

The war and the deep crisis of Israeli society has put a strain on society which we haven’t seen since the Six Day War and the Jom Kippur War. Again it is a total mobilisation that requires civilians to be part of the effort to uphold basic functions of society. On Zoom, Alon-Lee Green, national director of Standing Together, shares his view of the role of private individuals and independent organisations working for the common good in Israel as the country lives through its deepest existential crisis ever. Isabell Schierenbeck reflects on the resilience of Israeli civil society and institutions. Aron Verständig represents Swedish Jewry on the panel and will share his view of what the Jewish community can do to support Israel in the present crisis. The session is moderated by Anders Carlberg.


Session holders

Anders Carlberg

Alon-Lee Green

Isabell Schierenbeck

Aron Verständig

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