16-17 NOVEMBER 2024

Nigunim Singing Session

Jewish tradition is drenched by beautiful melodies (nigunim) matching blessings, psalms, prayers, and songs. In particular, the Hasidic tradition infuses deep spirituality and intense energy within these melodies with the intention of creating a connection between two worlds: the physical and the spiritual. During this session we will learn some of these melodies. No prior musical knowledge is needed, only your wish to spend a pleasant time joining your voice with the one of others.


KLEZMER MUSIC SESSION: Lecture and Workshop

Klezmer has its origin within the Jewish Eastern-European instrumental folk music of pre WWII Ashkenazi Yiddish speaking communities. Its fascinating character is compounded by the duality of melancholy and joy expressing the “singing of the soul” and imitating the human voice, e.g. sobbing and laughing. In this session we will learn a couple of Klezmer melodies and how to accompany them. Open to instrumentalists with a basic knowledge of their instruments or to anyone interested in the subject.


ALEPH BET VISIONS: presentation and mini-workshop

Aleph Bet Visions is a unique intellectual and artistic workshop which combines hevruta methodology with a creative process. Consisting of two sessions, first participants study Jewish texts relating to the Hebrew alphabet in hevruta (reading aloud and discussing over a text in pairs), then they translate their ideas about the text into a pictorial representation. This session is a presentation of the project with mini-workshop. No previous experience in hevruta or creative techniques is needed.

Valeria Conte is an Italian musician and designer living in Stockholm, Sweden. Paideia 2018-2019 ”Lise Meitner” graduate. BA in Applied Textile Arts. BA in classical clarinet and GLOMAS MA in Global Music, she has investigated the connection between Jewish music and culture. She studied Klezmer music since 2006 and performed with various multicultural projects in Europe and Israel. Valeria is currently attending the online MA in Theology and Religion (Jewish Studies) at Lund University, Sweden.

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