16-17 NOVEMBER 2024

The Vegan movement in Israel

The incredible story of the Vegan Revolution in Israel

How is it that in only 5 years Israel has become the most vegan friendly country in the world?
And how Tel Aviv was chosen as the most vegan-friendly city in the world by ”The Daily Meal” magazine and one of the 10 hottest vegan destinations in the world by CNN?

Shikma Jacoby, a vegan food blogger and an Israeli vegan public figure will tell us the incredible story of the vegan revelation in Israel. She will share with us the story of the revolution and her amazing personal story – how did she become one of the most famous vegans in Israel today?

Mediterranean infused desserts

Come join us to an amazing Mediterranean desserts workshop.
In this workshop we will learn how to make traditional Mediterranean desserts with a unique personal touch.
We will use interesting flavoursome ingratiates, use different flavours toppings and combinations and learn the secrets of the Israeli – Mediterranean sweets.
Beautiful, healthy, and surprising, these desserts will end every meal with a big smile!

Shikma Jacoby, 36, a vegan blogger and an Israeli vegan influencer.
Owner of the successful vegan food blog and the vegan cooking workshop school TivonEat.
Gives lectures on conscious eating in Israel an around the world and works in collaboration with international vegan public figures.
Travelled and lived in 26 countries to learn how to cook traditional vegan food from around the globe.
Been vegetarian all her life and is vegan for 10 years.

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