16-17 NOVEMBER 2024


Bringing the Temple organ to the synagogue

The Temple organ in the synagogue, is the theme of this lecture by looking back in our history and sources in the Talmud. Tracing its significance and use in the orchestra in the Jerusalem Temple and later the organ in Jewish worship after the destruction. Also by giving audio examples to understand its use. The discussion of having an organ later in Germany at the beginning of the 19th century and other European countries especially the reformer’s arguments.

Paul Heller, D. D. S., International Member of the European Cantors Association. He has worked in five different countries over 40 years, and since 2013 he’s working at Belsize Square Synagogue in London, participating in many of the synagogue’s events, especially Holocaust memorials held at Westminster Abbey, the Lewandowski Festival and Limmud UK. Cantor Heller shares his thoughts in his blog www.kantorer.com and more about his work can be found at his personal webpage www.cantorheller.com

Foto: Yohel Heller

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