19-20 NOVEMBER 2022

Born and raised in Nahaiya a jewish city; in a palestenian arab family;  since early age exposed to the two languages two cultures and living the dual complixity of the two sides of the palestsnian Israeli conflict for the good and the bad sides of it. Educated in the two segrigated educational systems in Israel the jewish system in early age and the Arabic system later on. Academic degree from the university of Haifa and later on involved in building the bilingual school system in Israel, as a teacher and as a co-principal. after five years being a co-principal Noah moved to the educational system as a director of the multy cultural and shared citizenship education in the ministry of education where she was buisy creating projects that involve students ;teachers ;principals and others in the system to meet and work together from all the different cultures.

Also involved in all what concerns our other projects live the academic program we have with the Techniuon and with abroad programs in Germany and Washington D.C

Peace between Arabs and Jews in Israel – possibly?

Yariv Lapid and Noah Khatib of the Center for Humanistic Education, Israel in conversation with Suzanne Kaplan.

Dialogue programs with and for Arab and Jewish pupils

How to create understanding for one another and each other’s narratives? The Center for Humanistic Education in Israel developed a method based on teaching the Holocaust. Moderator Suzanne Kaplan

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