19-20 NOVEMBER 2022

Polish March 50 years later

It is hard to imagine a worse political context for the 50th anniversary of March ‘68 than the one created by the current Polish government which revises history to its own liking and for its own purposes. As in the case of Polish complicity in the Holocaust, also here questions surrounding ‘guilt’ emerged and were answered to fit the right-wing historical narrative. This presentation will show the highlights of the commemorative events, as reported by Chidusz, a Jewish magazine from Poland.

Katrzyna works for the Jewish-Polish magazine Chidusz, published in Wroclaw since 2013, and lives in Stockholm. She has a degree in English Literature with a minor in Jewish Studies. She had worked at the Righteous Among the Nations Department at Yad Vashem and has been engaged in many projects concerning Jewish heritage in Poland.

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