18-19 NOVEMBER 2023

Culture in Israel

Israeli culture is a mirror to Israelis themselves; diverse, energetic, contradictory, constantly changing, and acutely aware of the tumultuous history of the Jewish people and the region. It is a beautiful, chaotic, collision of Jewish customs, Arab sensibilities, and Western ideals that have been rapidly fused together out of hardship and uncertainty. And while tradition looms ever present, for most Israelis, it is something to be played with and evolved rather than kept pristinely preserved.

Efrat Hochstetler currently serves as the Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) at the Embassy of Israel in Stockholm. Previously she served as DCM in Vilnius. Before joining the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Efrat was CEO of business marketing startup Pro Intellego. She Received MA in Organizational Behaviour and Development from IDC Herzliya. Served two years with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Liaison Unit.

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