16-17 NOVEMBER 2024


Meet the Israeli hit series Shtisel’s producer Dikla Barkai

On how a series about some people in an ultra-orthodox environment in Jerusalem could touch people across the world and about how the recording of the new season 3 went.
A conversation with Sharon Jåma, freelance journalist and moderator.

Dikla, born in Israel on October 6, 1970, has been producing TV drama and films since 2004. She is the producer and story editor of the 3 seasons of the series ”Shtisel”, created by Ori Elon and Yehonatan Indursky and directed by Alon Zingman. The series was produced for Yes and aired on NETFLIX in December 2015, where it won international acclaim. The series has won 11 Israeli Academy Awards for Television for 2013, including the Best Drama Series Award and 6 more Israeli Academy Awards for 2015.

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