18-19 NOVEMBER 2023

What does it mean to be a Jewish vegan?

Being Jewish and Being vegan are both key parts of my identity, in this session we will explore what it means to be Jewish and Vegan in todays world.


Veganising Jewish festival foods

Cheesecake, Herring, Chicken soup, Daphina. Jewish food helps us connect to our holidays and Shabbat. In this session we will look how to veganise some choice dishes including a tasting of one recipe!!!


Are most kosher animal products ethical? Views of an Orthodox vegan rabbi

Ice cream tastes good. Meat tastes good. How do Jewish values relates to the animals that are involved in the process of bringing milk, cream, eggs, and meat to our plates? We will explore Jewish teachings about people’s relationship with and treatment of animals, toward a vision of a thriving and ethical planet. The session will also include viewing Jewish infographics on this topic, developed by Jewish Eco Seminars and distributed in Jewish day schools and summer camps.

Dan Jacobs is Chairperson of the Jewish Vegetarian Society based in London. Professionally he works in the TV industry. He also writes comedy, talks on antisemitism and teaches Torah.

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