16-17 NOVEMBER 2024


From drought to abundance – Israel’s water miracle

The session is about the water situation in Israel, a land with earlier had constant water shortage which now has become an exporter of drinking water thanks to desalination of sea water. Clive describes assets in the form of natural water resources, recycled water and desalination. We get a picture of the management of water in Israel, the situation for Kinneret, desalination facilities and their environmental impact. Clive also brings up the management of sewage water and the water usage of agriculture. He finishes with a future vision for the entire region.

Clive Lipchin currently serves as director of the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies’ Center for Transboundary Water Management where he oversees research and development projects, workshops and conferences that focus on transboundary water and environmental problems facing Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority. His specialty is in water resources management and policy.

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