16-17 NOVEMBER 2024

The little NGO that could!

Ecoocean was born out of one persons deep concern for the state of the marine environment in Israel and his determination that research, education and community engagement were the tools needed to create awareness and the appreciation for a healthy marine environment in Israel. In this talk we will hear from its founder, Andreas Weil and its Director Arik Rosenblum who together will answer questions like: What is Ecoocean? How did it all start? And why is its work so very important?

Andreas Weil made aliyah and moved to Israel in 2000. He has studied environmental and marine sciences in Israel and the USA, including the Arava Institute in the Negev. After settling in Israel he established EcoOcean in 2002 and since then he is leading the organization as chairman.

Foto: Boaz Arad

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