18-19 NOVEMBER 2023

Come hear the incredible story, lyrics, and music of the remarkable synergy between Broadway and the Yiddish language. The Polish American wunderkid Seymour Rexite became known as the Yiddish Frank Sinatra as his wife, actor and star of the stage and screen, Miriam Kressyn, translated in real time the most iconic music of the 20th century from English to Yiddish. With the blessing of Irving Berlin, Rogers and Hammerstein, and Cole Porter among many others, Jewish immigrants in New York and beyond were able to participate in the Golden Age of American Music.


Session holders

Mitch Smolkin is a singer, actor, writer, and psychotherapist. For 30 years he has performed in myriad contexts, on Broadway and throughout the world. He brings a particular love for Yiddish and the American Songbook.

Jerry Adbo är accordeonist och dirigent, utbildad vid Kungliga musikhögskolan i Stockholm. Jerry är nischad inom Klezmer och Argentinsk tango och spelar i banden ”Sabbath Hela veckan” och ”Sternfall” samt samarbetar med flera sångare och instrumentalister inom den judiska sångtraditionen.


Foto: Janine Laag (Smolkin), William Sundman Sääf (Adbo)

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