16-17 NOVEMBER 2024

We are in a period called the Anthropocene, in which man is a force of nature, influencing the world. In such a reality, environmentalists often turn to religions in order to help provide moral support and a practical call to transition to a sustainable lifestyle. In this session we will learn what is being done in Israel to promote environmental thinking and action among religious leaders and how the efforts are bearing fruit.


Session holder

Einat Kramer is the founding director of Teva Ivri, an NGO promoting Jewish, pluralistic environmental responsibility in Israel. She is also the initiater of the Israeli Shmita Initiative – bringing people together around social-environmental values related to the Shmita year. Einat is also a doctoral student at the Hebrew University, exploring the development of Stewardship Eco-Theology and practice in Israel, a member of the presidential forum for climate change, and a board member of the committee for Israeli Shabbat.


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