Limmud data handling policy

Som du säkert har hört, trädde GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) i kraft 25 maj 2018.

Limmud tar både din integritet och skyddet av dina uppgifter väldigt seriöst. Med all denna diskussion om dataskydd ville vi försäkra dig om att vi överensstämmer med GDPR-kraven. Vi har sedan dess förbättrat våra datahanterings- och sekretesspolicyer för att klargöra vilka data vi samlar in, hur vi använder det, dina rättigheter att kontrollera din information och hur vi lagrar data.

Du kan läsa våra uppdaterade villkor och sekretesspolicy längre ner på sidan. Om du har några frågor angående dina uppgifter, eller om du vill uppdatera dina kontaktuppgifter eller hur vi kontaktar dig, vänligen maila för att uppdatera din information eller avregistrera.


When you request information from Limmud, sign up to any of our services or buy things from us, Limmud obtains information about you. This statement explains how we look after that information and what we do with it.

We have a legal duty under the Data Protection Act and GDPR to prevent your information falling into the wrong hands. We must also ensure that the data we hold is accurate, adequate, relevant and not excessive.

Normally the only information we hold comes directly from you. Whenever we collect information from you, we will make it clear which information is required in order to provide you with the information, service or goods you need (eg a question you have to answer on an application form). You do not have to provide us with any additional information unless you choose to.

We store your information securely on our computer system and we restrict access to those who have a need to know. We also provide guidance for our staff and volunteers in handling the information securely, including all staff and volunteers who may hold your details to deliver an event or other service.

We will not share the information you provide to us with third parties without your permission, unless they are directly involved in delivering an event or other services (for example dietary restrictions being passed to an external caterer). We do not share our database for marketing purposes with other organisations. Other disclosures of information will only be made if we are required to do so by law.

We will use your information to contact you in future to tell you about other services and events we provide, to keep you informed of what we are doing and ways in which you might like to support Limmud. You have the right to ask us not to contact you in this way. We will always aim to provide a clear method for you to opt out. You can also contact us directly at any time to tell us not to send you any future marketing material.

You have the right to a copy of all the information we hold about you (apart from a very few things which we may be obliged to withhold because they concern other people as well as you). To obtain a copy, either ask for an application form to be sent to you, or write to the chair at Limmud. We aim to reply as promptly as we can and, in any case, within the legal maximum of 30 days.