19-20 NOVEMBER 2022

Poland-Sweden: Case of A Commemoration of Stecki family of Krasnik (Holocaust story)

In 2015 decedents of the Jewish Stecki Family of Krasnik, Poland, visited the Jewish cemetery there. They decided to renovate the dilapidated monument of 1946. Holocaust ended the chapter of 500 years of Jewish history in that town. The family decided to renew the monument, and engaged with the Foundation for Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland (FODZ). That led to many more developments. The rededication took place on 18.10.2018. Helene Blad (Sweden) and Monika Krawczyk (Poland) will tell the story.

I am 53-years old and I am a doctor.
My roots are Polish as my father was born in Krasnik, Poland. Around 10 years ago, we found family from my father’s side. In 2015 we went to different places in Poland together and we were also at the Jewish cermony in Krasnik where we saw the monument from 1946 which was completely run down. We decided to make a new monument and 18 October we had an unveiling ceremony.

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