Grattis från Clive Lawton grundare

‘Happy 10th Birthday to Limmud Stockholm!

I well remember working with a wonderful band of people who had the vision that this could happen in Sweden and then actually witnessing the proof that it could at your magnificent first event. Since then, Limmud Stockholm has gone from strength to strength. And this of course is where the challenge sets in. When you are doing everything so well – and I love, for example, your marketing and graphics – it is tempting to keep doing the same thing and worse, to just leave it to the people who have always done it. But all Limmuds must take risks, renew leadership, try new stuff, attract fresh people – maybe even upset a few people each year! So those are the challenges and I’m confident that the fabulous folk who associate themselves with Limmud Stockholm each year are equal to them. I’m sure the next ten years will be equally wonderful – full of great sessions, marvelous fellowship, richly diverse and engaged learning and superb creativity.

Mazaltov and good luck

Clive (Lawton)

Co-founder of Limmud and Limmud’s Senior Consultant